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September 17 2019

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September 16 2019

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Cute blonde standing by the door in her underwear
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September 15 2019

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September 14 2019

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Ina Is A Good Fuck
We both wore short, sexy shorts and sneakers ... the shorts were so short that we could see our asses and hid very little. When we entered the tavern everyone was staring at us, because there were practically no girls, except the old singer. There were many drunk men cheering on the music.
 As soon as we sat down at the table, a bunch of drinks were immediately created on the table ... because everyone began to worship us and toast to us. After a few drinks of vodka, me and Ina got up and stood in the middle of the café waiting for us to play and shake our asses. A bunch of drunken men were roaring around us, and some of them even pinched our ass.
 Then an older guy of about 45 came behind me, wearing jeans and a red T-shirt, and wearing a gold chain around his neck. He was big, had a slight increase in stomach, but still good for his age. He came up behind me and put his huge hands on my hips, he pulled me along, and I continued to play. My sexy ass was glued to his zipper and I could feel his cock hard, I could feel it on my ass, and he was squeezing me more and more and rubbing it against my ass. Xnxx Porn Movie
At one point, he couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed my forearm, he started pulling me towards the exit door, and Ina just winked at me, which was a sign that I was going with him.
 We went behind the tavern to a dark parking lot, his black BMW was parked there ... when we got inside he immediately pulled out his huge dick, which was over 20 cm ....
 I gripped him with my thin fingers and big, bright red nails and started walking his foreskin up ... I heard when he groaned .... He didn't say anything, he just grabbed me by the tail and pulled me down to his the dick that was now swinging in front of my face .... I grabbed his balls and started licking his hot head, which was wet with his juices .... I licked all those juices off his head and then I got him she put it in her mouth and started sucking it and stroking it in her mouth.
 He clearly wasn't enough for him so he put his big hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down so that now half of his dick was in my mouth and I have to admit my mouth was full….
 I started to slide my lips up and down, and during all that time I was working my tongue ... he groaned and kept repeating ...
- ohh that whore blows my dick!
 This was something new to me because until now I had never had sex with men like this, all of them were my peers, who were inexperienced, while this was something new for me and I have to say that I liked it and that I we were wet.
 I started smoking him crazy fast and jerking him to the root, I tried to push him in the mouth as much as possible, but I just couldn't swallow him more than half because he was too big. I could feel his hot head hitting my palate and it made me mad ...

September 13 2019

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Always a reboot

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